Monday, November 14, 2011

Psalm 84 ~ Yahweh’s Dwelling Place

A personal confession based on the Psalms.

Yahweh’s Dwelling Place ~ from Psalm 84

I love the dwelling place of Yahweh,
Lord of the Angel Armies.
How wonderful it is to be in His presence;
It is the delight of my soul.
My whole being cries out for joy
Because of God, who is my life.

The happiness of dwelling with Yahweh!
I will praise Him everyday,
Now and forever.
The happiness of having God as my strength!
My heart is on a journey with Him.
When I pass through the valley of dryness,
It wells up with refreshing springs,
Pools of blessing and prosperity.
The closer I walk with Him,
The stronger I become, day by day,
Until I stand before Him
At journey’s end.

Yahweh, Lord of the Angel Armies,
Hears my prayer;
He is attentive to my cry.
Yahweh is my shield, my protector.
He looks upon me with favor
Because of Jesus, His Anointed One.

One day with Yahweh
Is better than a thousand without Him.
Just looking in at His doorway is better
Than dwelling sumptuously with the wicked.

Yahweh is a glorious king,
Our sun and our shield.
Yahweh gives grace and glory;
He does not hold back
Any good thing from me.*
O the happiness of trusting in Yahweh,
Lord of the Angel Armies.

* “He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” (Romans 8:32).

Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Personal Confessions from the Psalms
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