Thursday, November 10, 2011

Psalm 71 ~ Yahweh All My Days

A personal confession from the Psalms.

Yahweh All My Days ~ from Psalm 71

I put my trust in Yahweh,
He will not let me down.
He sees me through,
Because of His rightness,
Because of His goodness,
Because of His faithfulness.
He hears me and rescues me,
And I am set free.

Yahweh is a secure shelter,
A strong fortress,
Where I can always go for help,
Just as He has promised.
So my expectation is set on Him;
He gets me through the tough times.

I have trusted Yahweh since I was young,
And I am still here to praise Him.
My whole life is a testimony,
Because He is my strong place, my refuge.
So my mouth will be filled with His praise,
To give Him honor and glory everyday.
He will not leave me when I am old
Or abandon me when I am weak.

When the enemy plots against me,
Yahweh is not far from me;
He will come quickly and help me.
The enemy and the accuser
Will be put to shame,
While I add to Yahweh’s praise
Day by day.
I will tell again and again
What He has done for me,
Things too many to count.

I will walk in the victory of Yahweh,
Proclaiming His goodness,
Until I have told of His power and strength
To this generation and those yet to come.
He has done great things for me
And there is none like Him.

Though struggles and sorrows come my way,
He revives me when I’m down;
He lifts me up, increases my honor,
And gives me His comforts.
I give Him thanks and praise,
And hoop it up with joyful songs,
To tell of His goodness.

Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Personal Confessions from the Psalms
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by Jeff Doles

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