Monday, November 7, 2011

Psalm 62 ~ God My Calm

A personal confession adapted from the Psalms.

God My Calm ~ from Psalm 62

Only in God do I find my calm.
My help and my wholeness
Come from Jesus alone.
He is my rock and my strength,
My salvation, my victory, my prosperity,
My fortress and my defense.
Though the enemy seeks to bring me down,
When the dust clears, I will still be standing.
My expectation is set only on Him,
On Jesus alone, my rock and my refuge.
And in Him, I will not be shaken.

God alone is my prosperity and my glory;
Every good thing in my life
Comes from Him.
My rock, my strength, my security
All come from Him.
I will trust in Him at all times.
I will pour out my heart to Him,
Laying every matter before Him,
And He will take care of it all.

God does what no one else can do.
The life of the common man is transient;
The rich and powerful make promises
But cannot deliver.
Only in God do I find my help.

God has spoken this,
And I see it everywhere:
Strength belongs to God,
Faithful love comes from Him,
And He will help all who trust in Him.

Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Prayers and Affirmations for a Life of Faith, Happiness and Awe in God
by Jeff Doles

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