Sunday, November 13, 2011

Psalm 81 ~ Fully Satisfied in Yahweh

A personal confession based on the Psalms.

Fully Satisfied in Yahweh ~ from Psalm 81

I hoot and holler
To Yahweh our strength.
I shout out for joy
And bellow a victory song,
Because the God of Jacob
Is my God, too.
It is time for loud music
And celebration.

Yahweh ordains festivals,
Merriment for His people.
Because He delivers us
From every oppression,
Removes every burden
From our shoulders,
And we are free.

When I faced adversity,
I cried out to Yahweh.
He stripped away my fears,
Made me strong,
And rescued me.
He answered me with thunder
From the chambers of heaven;
He rolled over the enemy
With His lightning.

I listen for Yahweh’s voice
And confess His word.
I come into agreement with Him
And follow what He says.
He alone is God
And I will worship no one but Him,
The One who set me free.

I open my mouth wide to Yahweh,
I enlarge my expectation toward Him.
He will satisfy me with abundance
And every good thing.
I love His voice and I walk in His ways.
He subdues my enemy,
Turns His hand against my adversary.
He fills me with the best
And satisfies me with sweetness.

See also Yahweh Your God, Who Brought You Up from the Land of Egypt and Open Wide Your Mouth.

Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Prayers and Affirmations for a Life of Faith, Happiness and Awe in God
by Jeff Doles

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