Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Psalm 116 ~ Why I Love Yahweh

A personal confession from the Psalms.

Why I Love Yahweh ~ from Psalm 116

I love Yahweh;
Because He hears my voice
And answers the cry
Of my heart.
He turns His ear
And listens closely to me;
I will go to Him about everything,
As long as I live.

Yahweh is full of grace and favor,
All He does is right and just.
He is tender and compassionate,
And protects the simple in heart.

When I was down, broken,
He rescued me, lifted me up.
My heart found its peace,
Because Yahweh dealt
Bountifully with me.
He saved my life,
Dried my tears,
Directed my steps
Onto solid ground.
I will walk with Yahweh
And enjoy a life pleasing to Him,
A life of faith.

What thanks shall I give to Yahweh
For all His blessings and benefits?
I will drink deeply
From the cup of salvation,
The cup of healing and deliverance,
The cup of joy in Jesus.
And I will proclaim
The name of Yahweh,
Right here, right now,
In the presence of His people.

The people of Yahweh
Are precious in His sight;
Their death He does not treat lightly
Or allow easily.

O Yahweh, I am Your servant.
I am indeed Your servant,
The son of Your maidservant.*

I offer my praise to Yahweh
And declare His name
Right here, right now,
In the presence of His people.

* This is very personal for me as I think of my mother and my grandmother, both mighty women of God who have now gone to be with Jesus.

Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Personal Confessions from the Psalms
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