Thursday, October 27, 2011

Psalm 37 ~ Possess the Land in Patience

A personal confession adapted from the Psalms.

Possess the Land in Patience ~ from Psalm 37

I do not worry when bad people have it good;
I do not envy them; they will not last ~
And their time comes quickly.
I keep my focus on Yahweh;
I trust in Him and keep doing what is good.
I stay put and feed on His faithfulness.

I delight myself in Yahweh,
My heart is pliable before Him.
He brings it into line with His heart.
And gives me all my desires.

I commit my way to Yahweh,
I roll it all over onto Him,
Holding nothing back.
I put my confidence in Him,
And He does for me
Whatever needs to be done.
He will bring forth His rightness in me.
He will shine His light on my life
And everyone will see His goodness on me.

So I wait, quietly and patiently, before Yahweh.
I do not get agitated
When those who do wrong prosper.
I do not let it get up my nose;
I let go of rage, for it does not help
But only makes things worse.
Those who do wrong will not last,
They will be cut off.
But those who trust in Yahweh
Will possess the land.

So I will wait, quietly and patiently,
Trusting in Yahweh,
And I will possess the land.
I will enjoy the abundance and wholeness
That comes from His shalom, His peace ~
Nothing missing, nothing broken.

Yahweh will take care of me all my days,
And my inheritance will last forever.
He will not let me down in tough times;
Even in famine, I will have more than enough,
To give and to share.

Yahweh directs all my steps,
And they lead me to delight.
Even if I stumble, I will not be down for long;
Yahweh will lift me up again.
Over the years, this is what I have learned:
There is always help for His people,
And bread for their children.
Yahweh loves justice and will set things right;
He will never turn us away.

I think on what is wise and true,
And speak of what is right and good.
Yahweh instructs my heart
And makes my steps sure.
My expectation is in Yahweh;
I walk in His ways.
He will lift me up to possess the land.
His future for me is shalom, peace.
He is my strong place in troubled times;
He will surround me with help
And bring me through.

Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Prayers and Affirmations for a Life of Faith, Happiness and Awe in God
by Jeff Doles

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