Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Psalm 25 ~ My Whole Life

Years ago, I began making confessions like these, based on similar Scriptures. I was in a very difficult time in my life and I knew I needed a strong, bold faith in God if I was going to get the turnaround I needed. So I printed out a number of Scripture promises, cast them in the first person, in the form of personal confessions, and began speaking them out. I did not just read them silently to myself — I knew I had to get these down deep into my heart. So I read them out loud. It was awkward at first, but I kept at it. I paced back and forth in the hallway of my home, reading and repeating these promises and confessions out loud, over and over. Before long, I began to speak them out louder and louder. I got to where I was shouting them out regularly.

What was I doing? I was letting them fill my eyes, my mind, my mouth and my ears, and before long they began to fill my heart. You might say I was defibrillating, shocking my heart back into the rhythms of faith with the Word of God, recalibrating my thoughts and emotions with the promises of God, realigning my will with the heart of God. After about a month, I began to see breakthrough. My life has been different and I have walked in a deeper level of faith and joy ever since.

My Whole Life ~ from Psalm 25

I lay my whole life before Yahweh.
I trust Him with everything,
He will not let me down.
My expectation is in Him,
He will not leave me hanging.

Yahweh guides me in His ways
And shows me how to live.
He leads me in what is faithful
And teaches me what is true.
He is the God who rescues me,
Prospers me, sets me free.
Everyday I wait and I watch
All the day, for Him.

Yahweh looks at me with compassion,
He thinks of me with His eternal love.
He does not hold my past against me,
But He forgives me out of His tender mercy,
Because He is good.

Yahweh leads me in what is right
And guides me with proper judgment
In the way that is pleasing to Him.
I live in awe of Yahweh and honor Him.
He directs me like an arrow
In the way He wants me to go.
So, I live the good life
And dwell in prosperity,
My children and all my descendants
Shall possess the earth.

Yahweh reveals His secrets to me
And shows me the blessings of His covenant,
I always look to Yahweh
Because He always rescues me,
Sets me free, and protects me.
I will live unashamed
Because I trust in Him.

My whole life is before Him
That I may always do what is right,
And He preserves me,
Because I look to Him.

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