Thursday, October 20, 2011

Psalm 27 ~ The Goodness of Yahweh in My Life

In English versions of the Psalms, the word LORD (all caps) is used to represent the name of God, which in Hebrew is the four letters, YHVH. It is the name by which God entered into covenant with His people. Many Bible scholars and commentators today believe the pronunciation is most likely Yahweh (or Yahveh), and this is how I speak of Him in these confessions. If it should turn out that this is not the correct way to pronounce His name, it is no more incorrect than to pronounce it as Lord.

Also, when I speak of Yahweh, I have in mind the Holy Trinity, God in Three Persons ~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is who God has always been from the beginning.

Here is another personal confession I have adapted from the Psalms.

The Goodness of Yahweh in My Life ~ from Psalm 27

Yahweh brings light to every part of my life.
He is my salvation, my rescue, my freedom,
My healing, my prosperity, my victory.*
Yahweh is the strength of my life.
There is no reason for me to fear anything.

The one thing I really want, I already have.
It is the only thing I need ~
To dwell with Yahweh
All of my life and forever.
I gaze upon His beauty;
It is time well-spent.
I study His ways
And I ask Him about everything.

When trouble comes, He keeps me safe
In the glory of His presence,
Where the enemy cannot see.
He sets me in a place the enemy cannot reach.
Even if I am surrounded, I still have the advantage,
So I give Yahweh loud shouts of praise.

He speaks to me deep in my heart.
“Seek Me only,” He says.
O Yahweh, Your presence is all I want!
He will never turn me away in anger.
He will not leave me or let me go.
Even if everyone else runs away,
Yahweh will still be with me,
The God who rescues me.

Yahweh will direct my way
And lead me in a smooth path,
Even when adversity comes.
My confidence is this:
I will see and enjoy
The goodness of Yahweh in this life.
My expectation is set on Yahweh,
My heart is fixed on Him
And I am encouraged.

* The Hebrew word for “salvation” in this psalm is yesha and can have all of these meanings: deliverance, rescue, liberty, safety, welfare, victory, prosperity, and healing. Which one do you need in your life today?

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