Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Vision of Jesus on a White Horse

Tonight during our worship time at “Life Group” (care group, home group, small group, cell group, shepherd group) I experienced a brief vision of Jesus — an image of Him riding on a white horse, charging to battle, a la the Book of Revelation. I first saw Him, as if viewing from an overhead crane shot, which then panned down beside Him as He rode. He rode with purpose and with passion, and there were many others riding with Him, many of whom I recognized. I looked for my son there and saw him. I looked for my daughter there and saw her, as well.

Then I saw Jesus charging forth, as if bursting through time and space. He unsheathed His sword and was waving it, preparing to strike as He came upon the enemy. I cried out, “But, Lord — won’t they repent?” You see, my prayer for the wicked has usually been that God would bring them to repentance, and if they would not come to repentance, to then bring them to judgment, so that they would cease to be an affliction and a torment on the innocent. But the Lord showed me that He was going to use the sword to cut through the chains and cords that held them captive, to free them from their bonds.

We often think of the judgment of God as a negative thing. But it is really a good thing because God’s judgment sets things right, the way they are supposed to be. For example, God’s judgment on darkness is light. God’s judgment on poverty is prosperity. God’s judgment on sin is righteousness. God’s judgment on sickness is healing. God’s judgment restores thing to the way they are supposed to be, were meant to be from the beginning. God’s judgment delivers us from bondage into freedom. Indeed, the Lord Jesus took all these things on Himself at the cross and experienced the full measure of God’s judgment so that we could be free of them.

Now, there are indeed some who love darkness rather than light, and the very presence of God, who is the Father of Lights, will be a torment to them. And for those who are hardened in selfishness, the self-lessness of God’s love will be intolerable to them. For those who are adamantly evil, the eternal goodness and omnipresence of God will be a judgment upon them.

But for those who desire to be set free and are willing to trust in the Lord Jesus, His judgment is precious. It is exactly what His name means: In the Hebrew language, His name is Yeshua and means salvation, deliverance, healing, prosperity and security.

His sword is the Word of God — the truth that judges every lie and sets free whoever will receive the truth and come into relationship with Him.

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  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I don't believe you. I have seen and it was not this.