Thursday, November 18, 2004

Letting Out the Net

Last night in our life group, as we contemplated the love of God during our worship time, I had a vision of the ocean, enormous and deep. I looked and I saw a big fishing boat. God was at the stern and He was letting out a very lengthy net, and as long as I watched, He kept letting it out.

In the context of our worship, I believe the ocean is the love of God, infinite in all its dimensions — big enough to encompass the whole world. God is love and God is omnipresent, therefore His love must be omnipresent as well. And though the whole world is surrounded by His love, not all are ready or willing to receive it. But God is letting out His net for a big, big catch, to bring many into a restored relationship with Himself. It’s a divine “catch and release,” to capture the hearts of men and nations, and release them into the experience and deep awareness of the ocean of His love.

This is a coming harvest. I believe it is coming soon and that it will be like none we have ever experienced before. So vast is His love!

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