Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Psalm 146 ~ All My Life

A personal confession based on the Psalms.

All My Life ~ from Psalm 146

Praise Yah!*
Everything in me
Praises Yahweh.
All my life,
As long as I live,
Is all about Him.

I do not trust in presidents,
Or senators, or governors,
Or any other human being.
Their help is too small,
Not near enough
For what I need.
They may have good intentions,
But they are unreliable.
And when they die,
Their plans die with them.

But, O the happiness!
Of trusting in Yahweh,
Of setting my expectation
On Him.

The God who helped Jacob
Is the God who helps me.
The God who made heaven and earth
Is faithful and true forever.

He sets things right
For those who are oppressed.
He provides for those
Who are in need.

Yahweh frees the prisoner.
Yahweh makes blind eyes see.
Yahweh lifts up those beaten down ~
Stands them up straight.
Yahweh loves those who do right.
Yahweh protects the outsider.
He is a father to the fatherless
And a husband to the widow.
But those who do evil,
He brings to nothing.

Yahweh is King forever;
Jesus rules over all generations.

* The Hebrew word for “praise” is hallel; Yah is a shortened form for Yahweh. When we say Hallelujah, we are saying Praise Yah!

Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Personal Confessions from the Psalms
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