Monday, January 9, 2012

Psalm 145 ~ My King and My God

A personal confession based on the Psalms.

My King and My God ~ from Psalm 145

I exalt Jesus,
My King and my God,
With the highest honor.
Every day I bless His name,
I will brag on Him
Now and forever.
He is great beyond all things,
More than I can tell,
And worthy of all praise.

This generation
Will announce His works
To the coming generations,
Proclaiming His mighty acts,
And I will celebrate His glory,
His splendor, His majesty.

We will tell of His awesome power
That sets things right,
And I will give testimony
To His greatness.

We will pour out songs of praise
Because His goodness knows no end.
We will shout and howl for joy
Because everything He does
Is faithful and true.

He is full of favor and compassion,
And exceedingly patient with us;
His love is constant.
His goodness is for everyone,
He surrounds everything
With kindness and mercy.

Everything He has made
Will give Him thanks,
And all who are His
Will kneel in adoration.

The glory of His kingdom
Will be our testimony,
The power of His dominion
The word we bring.
His dominion is forever,
He is King over all generations.

He sustains those
Who have no strength,
Lifts up those
Who are pressed down.
He has provision
For everyone and everything,
And opens His hand
To satisfy every need.

He is near to those
Who call on Him,
To all who trust Him.
He shows favor to those
Who honor Him,
And satisfies their desires.
He hears their prayers
And rescues them,
Heals them, prospers them.
He protects those
Who love Him.

My mouth will praise King Jesus,
With all God’s creatures,
Now and always.

Personal Confessions from the Psalms
Personal Confessions from the Psalms
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