Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Inheritance is the Heart of Ministry

Reading in The Order of a Son by Mark Hanby:
Only those who understand and follow biblical father/son relationship can comprehend the generation of Christ that will bring the appearing of Jesus to the world. Only those who understand the absolute necessity of replicating their ministries in future generations will be able to pass on inheritance. (p.15)

We in ministry should not be marking the effectiveness of our ministries by what we have been able to accomplish but by whether or not we have been able to successfully pass down the inheritance, given by God, to the next generation… What God is doing cannot be completed in any one generation. (p. 15)

It is not too strong of a statement to say that a ministry that fails to pass on inheritance to sons is a ministry that has failed to complete its purpose in Christ. (p. 18)

The heart of ministry must be turned toward raising sons and passing on inheritance. (p. 31)
Exactly! God always works through inheritance, and inheritance always involves the father/son relationship. God brings us sons, in the spirit and in the natural, so that we may pass on to them the inheritance He has given to us.

(Note: This is not about gender but about generation. See also The Hearts of the Fathers and God Works Through Fathers.)

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