Monday, January 23, 2006

Either Way—Forgive!

Someone asked my grandmother, when thoughts of offenses they received in the past come to mind, is it God or is it the devil who is reminding them? My grandmother replied, “Who cares? Either way, the answer is to forgive.”

Exactly right!

If God is bringing it to mind, it is because we need to forgive. If it is the devil bringing it to mind, it is because he wants to ensnare us in thoughts of how we were so terribly mistreated. He wants to entangle us in feelings of past hurts and keep us offended. For offense is a stumbling-block, and when we are offended, we are tripped up — unable to move forward. So if it is indeed the devil reminding us of past offenses, we can short-circuit his plan by forgiving — and moving on.

As often as the thought of past offenses comes up in your heart, forgive.

(See also Don’t Let the devil Outsmart You.)

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