Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Random Thoughts

Thoughts culled from my random file, gathered from my Twitter tweets, Facebook updates and Instagrams. About divine love, forgiveness, the kingdom of God and new life in Christ. Some have come to me in moments of quiet reflection, some in interaction with others. Offered as “jump starts” for your faith.
  • In Jesus Christ, God became human. How can this not but transform all of humanity, like leaven in bread? This is how the kingdom of God works, and the leaven of God’s love.
  • Jesus has lifted our shame and carried it to the cross. By that shameful death, he put shame itself to death, for he is pure and righteous, and shame had no right to him.
  • There is no shame so deep that the love of God is not deeper still, pouring itself out even on a cross for our sake.
  • We do not know what it means to be freely forgiven until we have freely forgiven another. And there we find the kingdom of God, the will of God being done on earth as in heaven.
  • Pride and shame are two sides of a coin ~ and both sides lie. Christ teaches us humility, which is a very different thing.
  • We are, each of us, profoundly connected to one another. It cannot be undone without undoing the whole world. This is why we must forgive if we are to be made whole and the world made right.
  • Divine love is a fine madness.
  • Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again. Neither sin nor death get the last word.
  • The death, burial and resurrection of Christ played out in history but affects all of time, from eternity to eternity.
  • To pray without ceasing is to find Christ in every created thing.
  • Lord Jesus, help me today to walk in the reality of Your resurrection and of Your life in me. Amen.
  • Is there any place in the universe where Christ is absent ~ or any soul in which Christ is not truly present?
  • Christ is everywhere present, and wherever He is, He is love.
  • Christ is the Word of God uttered by the Breath of God.
  • Wherever grace and faith meet, there is life.
  • Lord Jesus, I am helpless. Come be my help. Amen.
  • If we are all connected by our humanity, how can any of us be truly made whole unless all of us are made whole?
  • If in our theology we imagine things about God that are not found in Christ, then our theology is wrong.
  • Christ said that the Law and the Prophets are about Him. The authority of the Old Testament, then, is in the witness it bears to Christ.
  • There is deep spiritual connection in everyone and everything. For God, who created all, is Spirit.
  • Is it the soul that dwells in the body, or the body that dwells in the soul?
  • The kingdom of God is a kingdom of forgiving and being forgiven. Are you ready for that?
  • The Gospel in five words: Christ is making everything new.
  • A prayer for the many times I stray from the way of Christ, who is love: Lord Jesus, I am your little lost sheep. Come find me. Find us all. Amen.
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