Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Random Thoughts


Thoughts culled from my random file, gathered from my Twitter tweets, Facebook updates and Instagrams. About divine love, relationship with God and new life in Christ. Some have come to me in moments of quiet reflection, some in interaction with others. Offered as “jump starts” for your faith.
  • Jesus is the Light who reveals the Father and by whom the Spirit guides our way.
  • One day, God will be all in all. Not just all in some or some in all, but all in all.
  • The cross does not change God’s attitude toward us — God has always loved us — but it changes our attitude toward God.
  • There is no bridge too far for the grace of God.
  • The relentless love of God ever pursues his enemies, even into hell, until they turn to him and are rescued from themselves.
  • Yes, God wants you to be happy, but He wants you to have the true happiness that is found only in Him.
  • Grace does not mean that God is okay with our sin. It means that God has moved heaven and earth to rescue us from our sin.
  • The nature of sin is the brokenness we experience in our relationship with God, with each other and even within our own selves. Jesus is the healer of that brokenness.
  • What is wrong with Christianity? I am. Mea maxima culpa.
  • The grace of God is far greater than I ever imagined when I first graduated from Bible college ... but perhaps not so very much greater than I imagined when I first came to him as a little child.
  • My philosophy as a Christian is not that I am perfect, or anywhere near it. My philosophy is that I am a very broken person whom Christ is transforming by his love and grace and the giving of himself for my sake.
  • Divine retribution can never make things right, it can only punish, so it can never be justice in the truest and fullest sense. But divine love changes hearts and King Jesus makes all things new.
  • God is like the Father of the Prodigal Son, ever watching for our return and waiting to receive us.
  • Today I partake of the divine power, divine glory, divine goodness, divine promise and divine nature of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a good day.
  • Everything is fuel for prayer.
  • God is love. This changes everything.
  • Today I am believing the extravagance of the love God has for me. It is a good day.
  • Today I am declaring that God is love and Jesus is Lord. It is a day of great expectation.
  • The grace of God is greater than my ability to understand ... or misunderstand.
  • The “right side of history” is the “right side of history” ... until it is the wrong side of history. So I don’t worry about whether I am on it or not.
  • The Holy Spirit leads us by showing us Jesus.
  • The story of the gospel is the story of how God became Jesus and Jesus became King.
  • God is always life, never death. For death is nothing but the absence of life ... the absence of God.
  • Be love. For where love prevails, there is no foothold for bitterness or fear.
  • How does God deal with our sin? He forgives us in Jesus Christ and transforms us by the Holy Spirit.
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