Saturday, January 4, 2014

Random Thoughts

Here are some thoughts to begin the new year, culled from my random file. Some have occurred to me in moments of quiet reflection, some in discussion with others. For your meditation, edification and motivation.
  • Years ago, I got out of thinking about the Christian life as rules and regs and began thinking about it as relationship, because that seems to me to be what the Lord Jesus is about. So I've just been learning to love Him and walk in His love for me, and letting that love overflow in me to others. It is love that fulfills the law and produces in me what the rules and regs never could.
  • A faith that does not change a person is not a faith worth having. It is not a real faith, only a head fake. And a gospel that does not change a person is not good news after all. Neither faith nor the gospel are all in your head, but they show up in your life.
  • Grace is not just God’s favorable attitude toward us but also God’s favorable action on our behalf through Christ, and in us by the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit is not “asleep at the wheel” in the life of any believer but is active to bring forth the fruit of love.
  • The heart that is caught up with the love of God does not count out what it gives and carefully weigh it out against what it receives. It loves with abandon.
  • The grace of God is greater than our ability to believe it — or to doubt it.
  • When the heart breaks, there is nothing to do except give it to God.
  • My past is redefined by Christ, my future is redefined by Christ, and so also my present.
  • God is love. To whatever extent we have encountered love, we have encountered God. And to whatever extent we express love, we express God. Love is a revelation of God.
  • God is love. Lord, let me be love, too. Amen.

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