Saturday, July 28, 2007

Set Your Expectation on God

Lord, my heart is not haughty,
Nor my eyes lofty.
Neither do I concern myself with great matters,
Nor with things too profound for me.
Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul,
Like a weaned child with his mother;
Like a weaned child is my soul within me.
O Israel, hope in the Lord From this time forth and forever.
(Psalm 131)
Sometimes we don’t know why certain things happen, and we can drive ourselves nuts trying to figure it out. But sometimes we don’t know because we don’t really need to know. And sometimes, even if God told us why, we still wouldn’t understand.

This is the revelation David had. He realized that there were things that were beyond him, and so he learned to be content trusting them to God alone. Had he pursued them, he would have ended up in pride and arrogance, or else been overwhelmed by their depth.

So he calmed and quieted his soul. He became like a weaned child in his relationship with God. A little baby cries and wails until he is comforted and his perceived need is met. A weaned child knows that he will be taken care of at the appropriate time. He is patient.

Some Christians pray like a crying infant, weeping and wailing continually until they get what they want, and wondering why it is taking so long. But as they mature (if they mature), they learn that they can bring the matter before the Lord, and then leave it there with Him, knowing that He cares and that He will bring about their solution at the proper time.

In other words, they have learned how to set their hope in Him. The Biblical words for “hope” they speak of solid and positive expectation. It is joyful anticipation. Hope does not need to know all the answers. It does not need to establish a timetable. It is enough to know that He is God and He is good.

Hope trusts in God. Faith is the substance, the underlying reality of the things we hope for. It is the evidence of the things we do not yet see, but fully expect to manifest (Hebrews 11:1).

Set your expectation on God from now on; He will take care of you in every way.

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