Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Invitation to a Vision


We find this word in the Bible often, but many times we don’t recognize the significance of what it means when God tells us to behold.

It is an invitation to envision — to enter into a vision — with God.

Our God is the God who sees. He is called Yahweh Yireh, the LORD Who Provides. The word yireh comes from the Hebrew root ra’ah, which means to see. Even the English words “provide” and “provision” mean to foresee with the purpose of making supply. When God sees a need, He extends Himself to supply what is needed.

Time and again, God tells us to behold something, to focus our attention and gaze intently. Often, what we are called to behold is something which has not yet manifest in the natural dimension — God is telling us to see it in the spiritual dimension.

The very fact that God tells us to behold it is the evidence that it really is true in the spiritual realm. Our job is to learn how to see it in the Spirit and lay hold of it by faith. Then, with the power of divine faith at work in our heart, we can call it forth into manifestation in the natural realm. (See Mark 11:22-24, about speaking to mountains).

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