Saturday, February 25, 2006

There is Always Enough

WOW! Yesterday was the final day of the 2006 convening of International Apostolic Ministries (the body that ordained Suzanne and me). Heidi Baker, of Iris Ministries, ministered to us, morning and evening.

Heidi and her husband, Rolland Baker, minister to multitudes in Mozambique. They feed, clothe, and house the poor, preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ to them. They have seen countless miracles of provision and healing. Heidi's testimony is summed up by the title of her book: Always Enough (available at Amazon).

Heidi's a.m. message to us was on multiplication (as in Jesus feeding the 5,000). The take-away point that impressed itself upon me is that there is ALWAYS enough of everything--that's why Jesus came. If we will go to the Lord every day to eat and drink of Him, there will always be enough to love and take care of all those God has set before us.

Her p.m. message was that God wants us to be His house. If we will surrender everything to Him, He will come and fill us with Himself — the greatest treasure. That is our job: to let Him fill us. The position of ministers (and all His people are called to be His ministers) is this, to quote Heidi: "lower still."

Are you willing to come before your Father in heaven and let Him be your life, your purpose, your provision? That is what biblical faith is all about.

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