Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Monk’s Tale of Forgiveness

Two monks set out on a long and perilous journey to a holy site. Wanting to arrive pure in spirit, they vowed not to speak or enjoy any feminine company. As they came to a large muddy hole in the road, there stood a lovely young woman dressed in finery. She was hesitant to cross for fear of ruining her clothes.

One of the monks, recognizing her concern, picked her up and gently carried her across. Then the monks continued their journey. The next day, when they arrived at the shrine, the other monk scolded his friend for breaking his vows of silence and self-control.

“What?” said the first monk, “I released the burden of that young lady immediately after we crossed over yesterday. But why are you still carrying her?”

In forgiveness, we release all the burden of care of those things which have wounded or offended us.

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