Friday, June 17, 2005

A Word About The Faith Log

About ten years ago I asked the Lord to teach me about faith. Now, don’t get me wrong. I grew up in a Christian home, received the Lord Jesus Christ at a very early age, and even went to Bible college, where I studied all the major doctrines of “the faith” (along with many minor ones). Even learned about apologetics and how to “defend the faith.”

But something was missing. I would see people who did not have anywhere near the Christian background or Biblical training that I had, and yet they knew how to grab hold of faith, step out on faith and accomplish great things with their faith. I envied them. Though I knew Jesus, and I understood and appreciated faith as a doctrinal matter, I did not know much about how to use my faith in the very practical way these folks did.

That’s when I asked the Lord, and He began to take me through the “School of Practical Faith.” He introduced me to what faith actually is, where it comes from, how it grows and develops and gets strong, and how it operates. He revealed the power of words — His words — in my mouth. He showed me how faith requires love and love requires faith. He also taught me how faith partners with patience and develops expectation. And He instructed me in the absolute necessity of forgiving others and how that sets my faith free. In short, He instructed me in the dynamics of faith.

As God has been teaching me, I have been taking notes and sharing with others what I have learned. These notes have taken the form of newsletters, articles, books, and most recently, this blog we call The Faith Log.

This is, of course, a work in progress, one that will take me the rest of my life. That’s because, now that I’ve learned how to use my faith as a tool, the Bible has become vibrant and exciting to me. I’m trading my thoughts for God’s, believing His Word for all its worth (and rejoicing at its infinite value). And I’m discovering a host of life-changing, world-changing truths — things I had never noticed before I learned how to apply my faith.

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