Saturday, May 7, 2005

The Essence of Faith

In the Bible, faith is not the general ability to believe anything and everything. Biblical faith is much more precise than that and it has a particular basis: Faith is believing what God has said.

It is not positive thinking. Positive thinking is about what we can do. Faith is about what God can do. More precisely, it is about what God has promised to do in His Word.

Faith is not theoretical, it is concrete. That is, it is not just believing what God can do, but what God will do because He has promised to do so. For example, it is not just believe that God can provide, it is believing that will provide for me, because that is His promise. So faith is personal — between us and God.

Faith is dynamic, not static. It is not merely something we possess but something we use. It is living and active.

The essence of faith is believing what God has said. Even God uses faith — He always believes what He says and expects to see it happen.

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