Sunday, January 2, 2005

The Tsunami of God’s Love

In worship this morning, in a vision, I found myself moving deeper out into an ocean. It was an ocean of God, an ocean of His love, His desire, His purpose. Remember when you first came to Christ and stepped into His ocean, how wonderful it was? Deeper into His waters, it just keeps getting more and more wonderful. We can turn and look back at the shore, but it holds nothing for us anymore — nothing but dryness, and who wants that?

No, we go forward and deeper. This year, 2005, is a time for going deeper, ever deeper into the love of God. It is a time for not only being in the Ocean but becoming of the Ocean, to be part of the flow of His love.

There is a shift happening this year, an earthquake of the Spirit that will shake the whole world. The ocean of God’s love is rising, a tsunami of His goodness which will flood the coastlines and inland. It will destroy structures of the world system, structures which inhibit the expression of God’s love and goodness, structures which oppress, suppress and repress people from responding to His love and goodness. This coming tsunami of the love of God will wash away things which can never be established in Him, so that He can establish things which can never be shaken or washed away.

One of the worship singers this morning began singing, “Let the zeal of the Lord consume us.” The Bible tells us that God is love, so what do you suppose the zeal of the Lord will be about? The Bible also says that our God is a consuming fire. Is that not again about love? Are you ready to get lost in the love of God, so much so that you simply become a part of His ocean — to roll forth full of His goodness, to not only find yourself richly blessed, but to become a great and mighty blessing to the world in 2005.

Are you ready to believe that?

Now is the time also to cry out for more sons and daughters to be born into the kingdom of God — that He may receive more and more glory, that His love may wash over the nations with cleansing and refreshing and new life.

This is a now time, a new time, and a time of favor and grace abounding. Jesus came and announced the promise of Isaiah 61, declaring the year of the Lord’s favor — good news to the poor, healing for the brokenhearted, deliverance for the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, liberty for the oppressed. Then as He sat down, He declared, “Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing” (Luke 4).

This fulfillment has not ceased but has only increased. Are you ready to receive it and walk in it this year?

Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing — the acceptable year of the Lord, the year of the Lord’s favor. Embrace it, proclaim it, walk in it, minister is to others.

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